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Miniature Pinschers


Stafforshire Bull Terriers

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Toby Progenies :


Picture coming soon

Kennel Name : Vertigo

Dog's Name : Aurellia House of Douglas



"Male 1"



"Male 2"



"Male 3"



"Female 1"



"Female 2"



"Female 3"


Pictured above when they're 2 months old




Thai.Ina.Ch. Toby of Sungcheon Aekyun (Imp. Korea) Ch.Donovan von Ishidensow Oskarl of Ishidensow
Applique of Hiro & Yumi (Imp.Japan)
Adela of Ability Dog Koyanagi    (Imp. Japan) Grand Master JP Alto
Burnet of Little Charming Lady
Aurellia House of Douglas Grove House of Parvisk Flinder House of Parvisk
Edelweiss House of Parvisk
Beethoven's Fransesca Angela Thai.Ina.Ch. Toby of Sungcheon Aekyun (Imp. Korea)
Ina.Ch. Finna House of Parvisk

Linebreeding (1 - 3) to Thai.Ina. Ch. Toby of Sungcheon Aekyun