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Stafforshire Bull Terriers

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Good Morning William,
I must say that a week or two before having to pick Maggie up I thought to myself am I up to this responsibility. She has been a little bit of a challenge but I must say that she is very clever. She picks things up quickly, but I think more importantly I have learned to read her. I am not sure what methods you used on her from birth, but they must work. Both Stan and Liz say that she is more advanced than what their dogs were at this age. I have spent some time each day in giving her a gentle massage over her body and legs and you can see that she is very comfortable with this. Maggie has settled in very nicely to her new environment, and has had no problems eating, as she is a little gut. 
I would like to thank you for all of your hard work in raising Maggie to where she now is. I am sure that the owners of Maggies brother and sister would like wise be happy with the efforts in which you put into their pups. As I have said previously  I am quite happy to keep in touch so that you can know and see how Maggie is progressing. I wish you well in your future breeding, and take this opportunity to once more say thank you.


Hi William,

We have named our little girl Lucy it means (Latin) bringer of light. Lucy is eating really well and our daughter Ella loves her and she and Lucy have a special bond they go everywhere with each other. Ella calls Lucy her snow princess, Lucy is just a dream to have around very gentle with the children and is pretty to look at as well.

William you have made buying our puppy a great experience, always informing us with pictures and growth & development stages each week. We have received a beautiful puppy that we love and cherish.

Many thanks to you and we will keep you informed with Lucy’s progress and pictures of her as well. Let’s hope it won’t be long and she will be in her first show coming home with some 1st place ribbons.

 Many Thanks

Patrick & Natasha